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Collaborative Practices

Content Evolution delivers fresh ideas to clients.

[c]e uses a variety of collaborative practices, including:
  • [c]e Discovery Teams (sm)
  • [c]e Strategy Sessions
  • [c]e Sense Layering (sm)

  • “A meeting with Kevin Clark does not occur without more than one “aha” moment. Kevin grasped the vision of our organization in the first moment, and in many ways understood it better than we did, specifically with respect to how to position our work in the marketplace of ideas. He invented the name of our organization in our first encounter, and has over several years carefully and strategically led us to refine our brand. He is an excellent guide for parsing through the many deeper and foundational elements of branding and has been an essential contributor to the evolution of our work. A high level strategist armed with critical thinking, he most importantly is trustworthy.”

    Robert Heinzman, Publisher, EnlightenNext Magazine

    [c]e Brand Evolution™

    The [c]e Brand Evolution method uses the foundational elements of long-lasting and durable brands discovered by Kevin Clark and written about in his book Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands. Brand Evolution step-by-step puts into practice how to build a successful and durable brand by focusing on these crucial factors in brand development, strategy and management:

    Brandscendence = (Relevance + Context) x Mutual Benefit

    Relevance: The organization's or product's enduring relevance to the customer.

    Context: The context in which the brand must adapt to cultural shifts or changing economic needs of customers.

    Mutual Benefit: Customer relationships are turbocharged when stakeholders perceive mutual benefit, which creates goodwill to nurture future interactions -- and crucial in times of crisis.

    Organizations that use the Brandscendence methodology to inventory current and plan for future intangible equity benefit from more clients, customers, and benefactors.

    [c]e Experience Evolution™

    The [c]e Experience Evolution practice is a consulting engagement and workshop designed to connect your organization’s strategic intent with what you promise as a brand – and what you actually deliver as an experience to your customers and constituents.

    [c]e Strategic Evolution™

    [c]e Strategic Evolution is a consulting engagement and workshop to create an integral set of strategic assets that connect the business intent to the world at large. Strategic evolution develops a visual model for your organization, connected to a strategic intent (vision statement), connected to a mission statement to operationalize the strategy, finally connected to a value proposition that tactically connects what you do to what customers can understand and find desirable.

    [c]e Rapid Evolution™

    [c]e Rapid Evolution is designed as a means to deal with “brand crisis.” It provides a quick assessment and recommendations for action during times of organization stress, mergers, acquisitions, and other forces that can rapidly muddy positioning statements, brand assets, and messages to customers and the marketplace. Rapid Evolution can also be used to provide swift and innovative ideas to recalibrate competitive advantage when competitors have recently introduced a disruptive strategy or technology. The unique Content Evolution Rapid Assessment Technique (CERAT) © practice methodology quickly reviews content clusters and knowledge capabilities. CERAT provides recommendations to clients about how to use content in other strategic forms to help achieve competitive advantage. New areas for future content creation and access are also explored.

    [c]e Integral Evolution™

    The [c]e Integral Evolution approach integrates brand, customer and constituent experience, and business strategy, into a strong and sustainable ecosystem of interdependent relationships. A powerful integration strategic intent, brand and experience provides enduring competitive advantage, and is a demonstrated way to increase brand equity, shareholder value, and profitable revenue.

    “Wrapping your mind around the living/dying, spiraling/descending, real/imagined communications systems we call media takes a tour guide.

    Otherwise, you miss the opportunities and find the yesterday-success....which doesn't help you.

    This is major problem, as we all look to media for information to improve our own lives and to extend our organization's viability. Without intelligent decoding as to how media content coalesces/expands/shrinks/hides, we all then solve yesterday's problems.

    In providing executives with new models for newer and newer media, I have found Kevin Clark unparalleled as a fellow decoder/guide. Kevin's intelligence, openness and candor ... along with his ability to capture an audience's attention ... lifts even the most seasoned executive to new understandings of how to think about the future so that there is a future for that leader's company.

    It's rare to find Kevin's combination of smarts, humor, vision and veracity. It's rarer still to find that package of best characteristics agreeing to use his capacity to help advance others.”

    Jean Gaddy Wilson, author, media visionary, Executive Director Emeritus of New Directions for News

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