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Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark heads Content Evolution:

As a recognized leader in brand and business strategy, Kevin Clark delivers speeches around the world and provides counsel and meeting facilitation for a variety of organizations. His unique [c]e practices and keynote presentations can also be explored through in-depth interactive brainstorming sessions with clients.

Clark is President and Founder of Content Evolution LLC Worldwide.

Big Think features Content Evolution:

Kevin Clark, Founder and President of Content Evolution, is now on Big Think.
Here he talks about Content Evolution’s motto, “Be Intentional”:

Kevin Clark: Biography

Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark is a brand strategist, author, customer experience designer, and transformational leader. He works with business leaders, marketing experts, brand strategists, designers, academics, futurists, and cultural anthropologists about the wants and needs of customers, and emerging social and technology trends. He is a sought-after global speaker about brand strategy, customer experience design, change management, and innovation.

He is President and Founder of Content Evolution LLC Worldwide, formed in 2002 to manage the rights to Clark's written works and public appearances, and now a global consulting ecosystem designed to meet selected client needs in the brand, customer experience, and business strategy and transformation, using integral practices and proprietary techniques.

In early 2009 Kevin retired from IBM with 30 years of service. He is Program Director emeritus, Brand and Values Experience, IBM Corporate Marketing and Communications - responsible for discovering and creating new ways for people to experience IBM, and the global IBM Brand Experience Community Leader; he created the community in 2001. IBM is valued as the #2 brand worldwide at $59 billion in 2008 according to Interbrand and reported in Business Week, making it the most valuable business-to-business brand in the world.

Before joining the corporate staff, Clark was Brand Steward and portfolio architect of the IBM Think family of personal computer offerings, including IBM ThinkPad notebook computers. He was also the Program Director, Market Intelligence and Business Development for IBM Personal Systems Group with four direct report managers, and a total staff of 50.

Kevin is the founder of the behavioral school of branding and the author of Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands published by Kaplan/Dearborn in 2004, and is a contributing author to several other books. He is also co-author of the keynote article "Unleashing the Power of Design Thinking" for the summer 2008 issue of Design Management Review. He is co-author of "IBM's Think Strategy: melding business and brand strategy," appearing in the spring 2004 issue of Strategy and Leadership magazine, co-author of "Experience Design that Drives Consideration" for the Winter 2006 issue of Design Management Review, and "How IBM Innovates" for the April 2006 issue cover story for PDMA Visions, journal for the Product Development Management Association. Kevin lectures regularly at Duke University Fuqua School of Business in market segmentation and is an executive education instructor for branding at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is certified in Spiral Dynamics, is a member of the Writers Guild of America, is a member of the Design Management Institute, is a member of the International Affairs Council, and has been a senior instructor for the IBM Marketing Management Institute. He is a graduate of the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Science Degree, School of Arts & Sciences, in Communications, 1978.

"Brands do one thing; they simplify choice! Kevin Clark with Brandscendence offers the most relevant, practical and enlightening treatise on the increasingly critical topic of branding. It will become the text of choice for executives and educators alike."

Chris Beaumont, President and CEO, Grey Global Group Japan

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